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Psychological Warfare Quotes - PSYOPS Quotes

"Behavioral change is at the root of the PSYOP mission." ~US Army Psychological Operations Officer's Manual[1]

“...information warfare unit calls ‘chasing the white rabbit’ and in their literature they talk about the war strategy of leading the enemy down fruitless paths and searches of information as far as they can go.” ~Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan

“It relies on the average person’s tendency to generalize a single sample point to a whole group and use binary thinking.” ~Department of Defense Whistleblower, From the Out of Print Book: The Matrix Deciphered

"New age cover stories exist for literally all black ops technology abilities." ~Omnisense

“The invisibility of directed energy weapons provides for a potent environment for disembodied spirit illusion trickery.” ~Omnisense

“The shadow government is always thinking of ways to discredit the truth.” ~Omnisense

“Strategically contrasting demographics have been engineered.” ~Omnisense

"Psychological operations sources are strategically contrasting disinformation with the truth.[2]" ~Omnisense

"The most basic form of mind control is repetition." ~Unknown

"There are psychological operations for all demographics.[3]" ~Omnisense

"There's only one way to be right, but there's lots of ways to be wrong." ~Jeremy Radlow

“Black ops sources have made full use of the nuances of Abrahamic religions in cover stories and disinformation.” ~Omnisense

“An intended effect of information warfare is the division of those who disagree with each other.” ~Omnisense

"It is possible to tinker with scientific instruments covertly with RF weaponry. Coupled with comprehensive international neural monitoring programs a conspiracy to conceal a scientific truth or a conspiracy to implant false science into culture is feasible.” ~Omnisense

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” ~Selwyn Duke

"There are many ways to miscalculate reality." ~Omnisense

"The Constitutional system of checks and balances has not adequately controlled intelligence activities." ~Church Committee

"Superior scientific knowledge has been obtained via government black projects and this knowledge is being weaponized.[4]" ~Omnisense

"Directed energy weapons operate invisibly while the inducible mental limits of directed energy weapons are the limits of consciousness itself, this makes for an incredibly potent environment for illusions of all types." ~Omnisense

"Through the effective use of cover stories sources like the CIA hide an abundance of technological effects on society under a plethora of various facades." ~Omnisense