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[working] Cover up definition

a process for suppressing awareness of criminal actions. a typical cover up design includes government cover story rationalizations to manipulate the general public.

The Cover Up[1]

  • Shadow government operations such as intelligence community war crimes have standard cover up processes
  • A successful cover up process is pivotal to the efficacy of covert operations
  • Credible false explanations cover stories are engineered as a means to conceal the truth

Cover Up Methods

  • Events are orchestrated to generate rationalizations in alignment to a cover up
  • Mainstream media is complicit in cover ups with predictive programming in mind
  • Shifty NLP Wordplay (e.g. Ways of dishonorably framing things with words)
  • Cover up oriented Hollywood propaganda & predictive programming
  • Corporate coercion of athletes to shut up (e.g. Champion eliminating their contract with running back Rashard Mendenhall after he spoke out about 9-11[2])
  • Government PR twisting the truth, blatantly lying or intentionally nescient
  • Celebrities used to proliferate cover stories
  • Censorship of leaks via any means possible
  • Targeting, discrediting and/or murder of whistleblowers
  • Bribery of the morally inept
  • Blackmail of those potentially willing to speak out
  • Information suppression via threatening of those in the know with ultimatums
  • Writing the history books - Rewriting history through various means
  • CIA cover ups fueled by paid off intelligence assets
  • Electromagnetic mind control of unwitting assets in places of social attention
  • Engineered events to frame false attribution to an innocent target
  • Use of dirty tactics to discredit the truth, such as the National Security Agency's framing of Karen Melton-Stewart as mentally ill after she reported internal misconduct[3]
  • Framing the conspiracy aware as mentally ill[4][5][6]
  • Propagation of media through electromagnetic mind control of unwitting assets, attempting to frame a debunking of the truth in the public eye
  • Bastardized truth as a method to predictively program about a modeled after truth
  • Assets are expendable to protect a greater agenda
  • Elimination of loose ends - Murder of former assets
  • Hidden knowledge of mind programming used in information warfare

“The black ops sources operate most effectively if their presence is unknown.” ~Omnisense

Synthetic Dream Cover Story

The Cover Story

Cover stories are concocted to cover up war criminal activity (e.g. 'ascension symptoms' to cover up remote influencing technology). A cover story is a false explanation that is used to conceal the truth. A typical cover story design is a rational illusion promoted to obscure the source of an action[7].